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Custom Jewelry is the Perfect Holiday Gift December 04, 2013

The Perfect Holiday Gift – Custom Jewelry for a Lifetime of Memories

The holiday season is a special time of the year in which gifts are exchanged and smiles are shared. It is a once-a-year opportunity to give special gifts to your family and friends. Presents with a little extra personal touch always wind up meaning a little more. It is presents like those that bring out wide smiles.

This year, Le Vive Jewelry can make smiles shine with a unique kind of holiday present unlike any other. We offer custom-made jewelry in which you help with the design. At Le Vive Jewelry, we count on our customers to put their own touch on our custom-made jewelry. When you decide to go with Le Vive Jewelry, it involves more than just a quick stop at the mall. It is an exciting experience that allows you to design your very own gift. What better way to say happy holidays than with a custom-made piece of jewelry designed by your own hand.

Le Vive Jewelry invites you to come down to our store and let us help you get started. Once you make an appointment, we’ll invite you to visit us with your personal sketches, pictures and any other items you are looking to incorporate into your jewelry. That can include loose stones, pieces of gold and platinum, or anything else with special meaning. A design specialist will then help you decide on the exact look of your custom-made jewelry. Before you even get started, we will offer you a price quote as we strive to provide very affordable rates on these truly unique gifts.

Le Vive Jewelery will also offer free advice from our master jeweler who will actually produce your own custom-made jewelry with expert precision. But it will be you who inspire the design of your jewelry. You will be involved in the entire process from beginning to end. And whatever design you choose, it will include a personal piece of you.

Your custom jewelry can take as little as two weeks to finish up and be ready right in time for the holidays. Why waste time browsing aimlessly from aisle to aisle? You don’t have to worry about running from store to store in search of the perfect gift any longer. Give a gift directly from you with tour own personal touch. Le Vive Jewelry is ready to help make your holiday a happy one with a custom-made gift that you can’t buy anywhere else.


Mohammad H Alnajafi

Owner of Le Vive Jewelry

Keeping your Jewelry Current & Healthy November 11, 2013

Before we get into the details of what you should do with your existing jewelry, we’d like to go over the value and meaning of jewelry and its significance.

Importance of Jewelry in our Society

Jewelry is an accessory that not only adds oomph to your attire, but also has monetary while it can associate one with specific ethnic, religious or social affiliation. Jewelry offers stunning elegance, which brings glamour our lives, and is oftentimes cherished from generation to the next.  However, like any ornament, jewelry can go out of style or becomes dull and worn out overtime.  Since jewelry holds value and has sentimental meaning, you cannot simply throw out existing jewelry.  So what do you do with your old jewelry that you are tired of?    



To solve this dilemma, you no longer need to leave your earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings tucked away; Le Vive’s skilled team of master jewelers can help you breathe new life into your pieces.  Le Vive Jewelry offers on-site jewelry repairs, restoration and restyling. 


Resizing your Ring and Jewelry

resizing your ring, riverside, ca

If you are considering resizing your ring or your wedding band, you’re naturally going to want to go to a place that is trustworthy.  We offer a few tips to provide more light on what you should be looking for in a Riverside Jeweler.  
1) You will want to make sure that they add exact same metal and same Karat, to your ring if you are planning to go up in size.  
2) Additionally, you will want to ensure that the jeweler simply doesn’t stretch out the ring.

Apart from rings, bracelets and chains can also be resized too. You can also bring your pearl strands for re-strung or to be resized, or re-styled say change long ones into fashionable short ones with matching bracelets!  Le Vive’s master jewelers are true artists and can recreate your existing jewelry into masterpieces.   


Regular Jewelry Maintenance

Le Vive Jewelry recommends annual examination for all pieces of jewelry at least once a year. This will include through cleaning, stone checking if any is loose, prongs wear and tear, and more. Daily wear and tear on your rings, bracelets and necklaces can diminish the beauty of your jewelry and cause a loss in their elegance.  Lack of maintenance can also cause you to lose the diamonds or any other precious stones set in your jewelry.  We highly recommend regular re-tipping of prongs, cleaning and polishing.  We offer free jewelry inspection and cleaning, simply visit Le Vive Jewelry in Riverside, and let us know how we can be of service to you.   


When to Upgrade your Ring and other Jewelry

While your ring can be in great condition, you may be become tired of the look.  Instead of leaving your old ring in the jewelry box; simply upgrade it with us!  We’ll re-create the look of your jewelry piece into something you’ll want to wear every day!   

Le Vive offers a wide array of loose diamonds and colored gemstones in unique shapes, sizes and styles for you to choose from.  Just upgrading the stones of your ring or other jewelry pieces will give your jewelry pieces a complete new look.  When you do this, you can also have your old stone remounted on another setting.  Moreover, Le Vive’s professional jewelers can also use existing stones to custom design an entirely new piece of jewelry so that you are getting exactly what you are looking for.







Jewelry Restoration

Do you have inherited jewelry, but simply haven’t worn it because it’s worn out or damaged?  If you want to restore your rings, necklaces, bracelets and pendants, you’re in good hands with Le Vive.  We can restore your damaged jewelry to its former glory. Our on-site master jeweler and design teams pay attention to the most intricate details when restoring old jewelry pieces.  When we do so, it is going to be just as good as original (or even better)!  In the cases where damage is too severe for restoration, damaged diamonds or gemstones can be polished and re-cut or replaced.     


Restyling Jewelry

Jewelry is typically used as heirlooms which are passed on by inheritance in almost all families regardless of cultural background.  It is one of the most prized possessions and many young people nowadays prefer to use their grandparent’s jewelry to signify their marriages or to add a sentimental value to any esteemed relation.  However, there are times when one may feel that the family heirloom is just a tad out of date for their liking. In that case, Le Vive Jewelry of Riverside offers a cost effective way to restyling and update your jewelry, while preserving its sentimental value.  You have many options, you can use the ring’s stones and set it in a necklace or the ring can be converted into a stunning pair of earrings. 


Additionally, our professional jewelers can customize your old pieces to make exactly what you are looking for.  Just bring in a drawing or come by and we can work on the style and look with you.





Rhodium Plating

Most young people prefer white gold to the traditional yellow gold nowadays. However, a true white gold appearance is achieved only via Rhodium Plating.
Le Vive Jewelry offers on-site rhodium plating services for all your yellow gold jewelry and your dull white gold jewelry.  We polish your white gold to make it look more elegant and beautiful. With our rhodium plating services, you can benefit from a free polishing service to add that extra shine to your precious jewelry.


Trading in and Selling your Jewelry (Gold, Platinum and Diamonds)

If you think that restoring, restyling and re-plating cannot satisfy your needs, you can simply trade in your jewelry for new piece at Le Vive Jewelry. You can earn at least 10% more when you use your own gold or diamonds for the new purchase. We buy gold based on the per gram rate of the day. You will not find prices that are more competitive for your 10k, 14k, 18k, 22k or 24k gold anywhere else. You can also sell us all shapes and sized of diamonds and estate jewelry pieces. To ensure your trust in us, Le Vive Jewelry has all their scales registered and tested by the County of Riverside.


Your Trusted Riverside Jeweler

Le Vive has built its name as a trusted Riverside Jeweler in our local area, because of the referrals we receive. We have long-term customers that continue to come back to us, because of the value we offer to them. It is with great appreciation and gratitude that we thank ALL those individuals who referred new customers to us over the years. There is nothing more rewarding than getting referrals. This tells us that we are doing something right. Please feel free to browse our online catalog to see for yourself. We are confident that you will love our products. Don't forget to visit us frequently for deals, discounts, and promotions. We offer FREE shipping for all orders over $150! Take advantage of these big savings today!  Experience convenient Online Shopping and great On-Site Services at its best with Le Vive Jewelry!