We Buy Gold, Diamonds, Watches and Jewelry

We buy gold and silver - Le Vive Jewelry of RiversideWe Buy Gold, Diamonds, Watches and Jewelry

Le Vive Jewelry pays you maximum cash for your gold, silver, platinum, diamonds and other jewelry. Much of the Riverside community trusts going to our store to sell their valuables, because we offer the best price per gram based on the actual value on that day’s rate. Because our scales are registered and tested by the Riverside County, there is no confusing penny weight or processing fees. Bottom-line, Le Vive pays top dollar for your jewelry!

Another wonderful perk is after we buy your gold, silver, diamonds or any other jewelry; we will give you 10% more when using the value against a purchase in our store.

Cash for Gold Silver Diamonds Watches and More Le Vive Jewelry of RiversideCash for Gold, Diamonds, Watches and Jewelry in Riverside – Le Vive Jewelry

We at Le Vive Jewelry of Riverside eliminate the middlemen, therefore are able to get you immediate cash value for your unwanted gold jewelry, diamonds, and watches. Gold is near a record high and there is no better time to get cash for your gold, silver, diamond, watches and jewelry. Please simply bring your unwanted gold scrap into our store in the Riverside Plaza for a private, personal and wonderful experience.

Free Appraisal for your Gold, Diamond, Platinum, Watches and more

Come visit us for a free appraisal evaluation to see how much cash your gold is worth. We are a local, state licensed buyer that will help you get the best value for your jewelry. Gold is near a record high and values have never been higher. All transactions are fast, easy, and professional.

Steps in selling your Gold, Diamond, Watches and other jewelry

With Le Vive, you don’t have to mail in your gold jewelry to an untrusted source. As a top jeweler in the Riverside community, we offer a safe and trusted place for you to earn top dollar for your items. The process is simple and fast to sell your gold, silver, diamond and other jewelry:

  1. Bring in your unwanted jewelry or watches
  2. Learn how a trusted jeweler should appraise your gold, silver and diamonds
  3. Have a free appraisal by our trusted master jewelers
  4. Get a top dollar offer on your jewelry
  5. Interested in something in our store? Get 10% more of the appraised value against a store purchase
  6. Walk out with cash in hand and satisfaction that you made more money than going elsewhere!


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