Meet Our Team


Mohammad H. Alnajafi, OwnerMohammad H. Alnajafi, Owner

I am very proud to be serving the greater Riverside County for over sixteen years as an independent jeweler. I am also very grateful for the support of our community during the hard times of the recent economic crises. My family, my experienced fully trained crew, and I are devoted to continuing to serve our community with the finest quality diamonds, gemstones, jewelry repairs, fine Swiss watches, watch repairs, and more. { Read More }


Jim Kassar, Store ManagerJim Kassar, Store Manager

I am thankful to the fact that in this business we are blessed because we are always interacting and dealing with people who are happy and celebrating a joyous and happy milestone in their life. I feel that we share and contribute to a small part in that joy and happiness. I like this feeling and I thrive on the personal connection that comes with it. I like selling jewelry, but I like being your jewelry consultant more. If it is a big engagement ring or a simple repair, I will guide my customer to make the best decision that will fit in her or his need. { Read More }


John Hong Assistant Store ManagerJohn Hong, Assistant Manager

My passion for jewelry started in 1997, when my family opened our first jewelry store in San Bernardino, California named Waterman Gold and Platinum. The idea of being around diamonds, gemstones, gold, and silver excited me a lot as a teenager then; and it still does as an adult now. The warmth that I received when I was helping a couple or family in choosing that engagement ring or the birthday gift for their loved one; was very rewarding. I knew then, that being in the jewelry business is what I wanted to do with my life; it is where I will be able to give joy and happiness to those who appreciate the finer things in life. After graduating from Canyon Springs High School in 2001, I enlisted in The United States Marine Corps. { Read More }


Luis Torrace Master WatchmakerLuis Torrace, Master Watchmaker

Born in 1938 in the city of Santiago de Chile, Luis started learning about watchmaking when he was a little boy. His father, who did watch repairs as a hobby, taught him and got him interested in watchmaking. His father would send him out to the local watch parts’ supply house, to buy the parts needed for his repairs, when he was around 12 years old. { Read More }