How to Choose the Right Jewelry for Your Skin Tone

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Have you ever considered how well her purse goes with what she is wearing? Or how distinguished he looks with the tie he chose to sport with that brown jacket? In our previous color coordination article, we covered the details of matching the colors of your clothes with your jewelry. It is also important to consider what jewelry colors work best with your skin tone and complexion. In this article we will help you identify which skin tone you have and what jewelry might stand out best! First, let's determine your skin tone.

Jewelry for Cool Skin Tones

Have you ever been described as hot-headed? Well what about cool-toned? This is how you will know if you have a Cool Skin Tone:

    1. Under natural sunlight, do your veins appear purple or blue?
    2. Do you sunburn easily?
    3. Is it difficult to tan?

If you answered “Yes” to these questions, that means you most likely have a pink/rosy-red undertone, and you have Cool Skin Tone.

Now let’s look at what that means for your jewelry options. Cool Skin Tones individuals can, and look best wearing:

    • Silver, Platinum, and White Gold metals and even Rose Gold looks great!
    • For Gemstones; bright colors like white, pink, blue, purple, and green hues will stand out best!

  • Note: Skin tone is not the same as skin color. It is possible to have dark colored skin and a cool skin-tone. Likewise, it is also possible to have light colored skin and a warm skin-tone.

Jewelry for Warm Skin Tones

If you didn’t quite fit in with the above questions, then perhaps you are slightly warmer than cool. This is how you know if you have Warm Skin Tone:

    1. Under natural sunlight, do your veins appear green with yellow/olive undertones?
    2. Do you rarely ever burn underneath the sun?
    3. Is it easy for you to tan when laying out on a summer day?

If you answered “Yes” to these questions, that means you have a Warm Skin Tone, and you will look best in:

  • Warm colored metals such as; Yellow Gold, Copper, and Bronze. Which are often your best friend!
  • Earth-toned gemstones work best! Red, Orange, Gold, Yellow, Brown and other deep colored hues are stunning!

Jewelry for Neutral Skin Tones

If you didn’t match up with either of the above questions, then you likely fall right in the middle and have more of a Neutral Skin Tone. Neutral Skin Tones fall between both Cool and Warm categories. You range between olive colored skin and pink skin. There is no obvious overtone of any colors, making it easy for you to match with a wider range of colored clothes and jewelry.

For those of you who are lucky enough to have a Neutral Skin Tone, experiment! Try warm gemstones set in a cool metal, mix and match your color combinations in gemstones and in metals as well! Try wearing tri-colored pieces that combine yellow, white, and rose gold.

Of course, when purchasing jewelry it always comes down to personal preferences. Cool toned people can absolutely wear warm gemstones and metals; and warm toned individuals can wear cool colored gemstones, silver, and white gold jewelry and look equally fabulous! There are many factors to consider such as hair color, eye color and even the shape of your face. Ultimately the best way to find out what looks best, is to try it on.

Not sure what color best suits you?

Le Vive Jewelry is happy to help!

Le Vive Jewelry in the Riverside Plaza has a wide variety of gemstones jewelry set in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, platinum, and silver. Let us help you find the perfect jewelry piece for you!

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