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Keeping your Jewelry Current & Healthy

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Before we get into the details of what you should do with your existing jewelry, we’d like to go over the value and meaning of jewelry and its significance. Importance of Jewelry in our Society Jewelry is an accessory that not only adds oomph to your attire, but also has monetary while it can associate one with specific ethnic, religious or social affiliation. Jewelry offers stunning elegance, which brings glamour to our lives, and is oftentimes cherished from one generation to the next.  However, like any ornament, jewelry can go out of style or becomes dull and worn out overtime....

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Make your Valentine’s Day Special

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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and with it comes the search for a special gift. Instead of bouncing around from store to store, your search can end with one stop at Le Vive Jewelry. Among our wide selection of jewelry, we have many gifts that can make your Valentine’s Day a special one. Le Vive Jewelry is a family owned and operated Riverside Jeweler that has been proudly servicing the community for more than 16 years.   We know how important Valentine’s Day is and we also know the importance of value. That is why we are rolling...

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How to Choose the Right Jewelry for Your Skin Tone

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Have you ever considered how well her purse goes with what she is wearing? Or how distinguished he looks with the tie he chose to sport with that brown jacket? In our previous color coordination article, we covered the details of matching the colors of your clothes with your jewelry. It is also important to consider what jewelry colors work best with your skin tone and complexion. In this article we will help you identify which skin tone you have and what jewelry might stand out best! First, let's determine your skin tone. Jewelry for Cool Skin Tones Have you...

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Do You Hate Your Birthstone?

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My daughter, Nada, was born in March, the month of Aquamarine. When she become of age to wear jewelry, I started building her wardrobe with Aquamarine Jewelry pieces. However, I noticed that she never showed much excitement. When she became a teenager, ten years ago, Black Diamonds became noticeable in the market and became an option for fine jewelry. Nada started working with me when she became sixteen years old. At that time the color pink was also very fashionable, such as pink topaz, pink tourmaline, pink sapphire and even pink cubic zircon that was commercially named as pink ice....

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