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Jewelry to Clothes - Color Coordination: The Basics July 29, 2013

The importance of your Wardrobe

Whether you are aware of it or not, the moment you walk out the door of your home, you are making a statement of who you are.  A good wardrobe or coordination of an outfit is absolutely essential for success.  It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do (lawyer, business executive, plumber, teacher), looking sharp will improve how others perceive you.  Oftentimes, perception defines how you will be remembered and whether a potential customer, client or employer will be motivated to pursue a relationship.  So dress to impress!


Color coordination of Jewelry & Wardrobe

When you put together an outfit, color is one of the most important aspects of your entire wardrobe.  Poor choice of color can draw attention to flaws, whereas a good coordination of your jewelry and wardrobe can help you look sensational.  Fashion is about color and how you use it in your clothes and jewelry.   Most jewelry does not require coordination, but if you really want to dress to impress, you must be pickier with your gemstone jewelry.   Le Vive Jewelry offers a wonderful of beautiful jewelry with vibrant colors to make you look great.  Regardlesss of your budget we are sure that we can help you color coordinate your wardrobe.


The ABC’s of Primary and Secondary Colors:

Before we get into what colored outfits look good with what colored jewelry piece, we have to start with the basics.  Primary colors are Red, Blue and Yellow which is the foundation of any color.  This means when you take a look at your shirt, blouse, or pants... one of these colors is sure to be the primary.  Even if you look at your black pants... some black colors have more of a red or blue hue to it. 

Primary colors should be carefully coordinated with secondary colors to bring out the best in you and your look.  What you want to do is take a look at the overall color of your outfit and from there you can then review your secondary colors in the ensemble. 

The secondary colors are made by mixing equal parts of any two complementary. The secondary colors include: green (yellow and blue), orange (yellow and red) and purple (blue and red). 


Gemstone Jewelry Coordinated

Below we will give examples of outfits that suit well with different colored gemstones.  Will will go into the details of why these colors typically look good when put together by reviewing the color wheel.  If you are ever unsure, take a look at the color wheel and you'll be on your way to dressing to impress!

Ruby, sapphire, emerald, citrine and amethyst gemstones have a distinguished flavor and appeal that can be easily added to your style and look.  These red to gold tones look best next to cool colors such as blues to purples.  For example, a beautiful citrine necklace goes very well with a purple top, brown Jacket or beige shirt.

Citrine pendant - Le Vive Jeweler in Riverside, Ca

As discussed in the previous example cool tones (greens, blues and purples) look good next to warm colors such as yellow, orange and reds.  Blue gemstones work well with blue, navy and yellow attire.   These gemstones include; blue tanzanite, blue topaz, and blue sapphire.

blue tanzanite gemstone with yellow top - Le Vive Jewelry, Riverside, Ca

Gold jewelry and Onyx gemstones work beautifully with with Black dresses or White dresses.  Black and white has always been a classic color choice and will be here to stay.

Also, some colorful gemstones are perfect for wearing in spring and summer seasons; this includes the green peridot gemstone and the blue topaz gemstones.  Matching these bright and brilliant colors with more soft neutral wardrobes makes it a perfect spring or summer look!

Diamond and CZ (cubic zirconia) jewelry works well with any colored outfits:

Some Quick Rules on Color Coordination:

The color wheel is really a great tool for beginners.  You use the color wheel to determine what colors coordinate well with each other and what doesn’t.  Start with a color of your outfit or gemstone... look across from the color wheel to see the idea color tone that you should wear to contrast the color.  Example, if your outfit is blue, wearing yellow toned jewelry and gemstones will be a perfect wardrobe!

These are the basic rules to coordinating your wardrobe and jewelry:

  • Blue and Green Outfits:  white pearls,
  • Purple outfits: go with citrine, gold tone jewelry & even green emeralds
  • Red outfits: go with emerald jewelry
  • Black outfits: go with any color!
  • Neutral outfits: go with diamonds and black jewelry
  • All outfits go well with diamonds!


3 Steps to choosing jewelry for your wardrobe:

  1. Figure out the main color of your outfit, if you are wearing a yellow top with grey pants, yellow is your main color. 
  2. Look at your main color on the wheel
  3. Look across from the main color of your outfit and see the complimentary colors of what you should add as an accessory.

Example: If your outfit is on the most part blue, look across the color wheel and see that yellow and orange  hues are complimentary choices for jewelry.  Use citrine gemstones to give your attire the touch it needs to make it look amazing!  We at LeVive Jewelry recommend citrine pendants, citrine rings or yellow topaz jewelry.


About Le Vive Jewelry in Riverside, CA:

While the colors of fashion change seasonally, we are here to help you coordinate the right colors for the perfect attire or occasion. 

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Do You Hate Your Birthstone? March 01, 2013

My daughter, Nada, was born in March , the month of Aquamarine. When she become of an age to wear jewelry, I started building her wardrobe with Aquamarine Jewelry pieces. However, I noticed that she never showed much excitement. When she became teenager, ten years ago, Black Diamonds became noticeable in the market and became an option for fine jewelry.

Nada started working with me when she became sixteen years old. At that time the color pink was also very fashionable, such as pink topaz, pink tourmaline, pink sapphire and even pink cubic zircon that commercially named as pink ice. I gave Nada Pink Tourmaline pendent, she took it but did not wear it.


Every now and then, I started seeing her trying the new selection of Black Diamonds Rings. So when she graduated from high school I gave her beautiful ring, with a Black diamond in the center and accented with white diamond on the sides. She wears it constantly since then.

You may be surprised at the thought of a diamond being black. Don’t be fooled by its name, there is nothing bland about these diamonds. It sparkles in a mysterious way and catches the light with the same fierceness as white diamonds. Some studies consider Black Diamonds to be of extraterrestrial origin. Something about the chemicals found inside of them makes them a complete obscurity to scientists. That’s about as mystifying as a stone can be, and I can’t get enough of them.


Let me give you another example. My wife Hasmik, was born on February, 14. Her designated birthstone is an Amethyst. And because she born on February 14, Valentine's Day, she may very well likes, Roses, Hearts and Amethyst Jewelry. Well she likes Roses a lot, and she can not have enough of them. She likes jewelry way too much, but she does not like Amethyst or heart shape stones. She actually loves color green. All shades of color green from light spring green like Peridot to deep dark green like Emerald and Green Tourmaline. Now, what you do expect me to do? Of course I stopped giving her Amethyst and hearts shaped jewelry, but Continue with Roses, Peridot and Emerald Jewelry.


When most people think about colored stones, they automatically think What’s my birthstone? The great news is, if you were born in August and you absolutely despise lime green Peridots, you don’t have to be stuck with it anymore!  There is no rule that says each person must wear their birthstone or no gem stone at all. So do not limit yourself and pave the way for a new look that reflects the true you! I know a lot of you November babies hate Citrine (a brownish-yellow stone). If don’t want to drift too far from your roots, you can opt for a sharper more vibrant yellow such as yellow tourmaline, yellow topaz, yellow zircon, yellow sapphire, or even yellow diamond.


Now, it’s time for you to pick a new birthstone. The best way to do this is to see the stones in person and match them next to your skin tone. We at Le Vive Jewelry consider our self  the leading expert on colored gem stones. We carry a huge inventory of loose stones in every color, size, and shape imaginable. Browse our online store, or visit our store in today, and leave with a new gemstone, and a new look!

To like or not to like your birthstone, sometimes depends also on how it was presented for you. One of the main factors in disliking a type of stone is the design and the quality of the gemstone used by the jeweler. a Poor grade or wrong setting can give a bad impression of the true potential of a color gemstone. At Le Vive most of our gemstone jewelry incorporates high quality natural gemstone and high quality full cut diamonds surroundings the gemstones that show fire and scintillation. More importantly the uniqueness of the design, and the expert craftsmanship we provide will show the beauty and rich color of our gemstone jewelry.